Sherman and the Hink Family treat their employees fairly, and exhibit true concern for them and their families. NEC has employees who have been with the organization over 40 years, and many over 20 years.


That type of loyalty is the result of an organization that cares.

Giving back to the community through charitable donations and contributions has always been an integral part of the culture at NEC. Sherman makes it a special point to provide shelter for a handful of spunky rescue dogs. Because of his efforts they are now safe and well fed.

Many fine craftsmen and women started as an apprentice or intern at NEC, and enjoyed successful careers both in and out of the industry. More than just business it is a place where both customer and employee alike are made to feel at home and appreciated.


NEC Signage & Architectural Products

1122 Lauder Road

Houston, TX 77039


Hank Hink - President

Anthony Richards - Design & Planning  

Lamar Wilkinson - Sign Sales Account Manager

Jason Rodriguez - Architectural Sales

James Buvinghausen - Field Operations Manager