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Signage + Lighting Maintenance

Installation services.

We are not only a manufacturer-we provide service for your lighting maintenance and repair needs too!

  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Over-the-wall
  • Parking lot lights repairs
  • Parking lot lighting upgrades
  • Parking lot lighting retrofit
  • Installation Services

NEC repairs all types of signs and neon as well as parking lot and security lighting. This area of expertise also installs new light poles and lighting fixtures for businesses wanting to refurbish or improve their existing security lighting plan.

All of the service technicians are licensed electrical or sign journeymen, trained to provide expert analysis of the required repairs. They also have on staff a specially trained journeyman that rappels 'over-the-wall' to repair building signs that cannot be reached with a crane truck.

Need a sign installed? We can do that too. We have numerous sized crane trucks including one that can reach up to 130 feet.

Crane truck. Maintenance and repair. We perform lighting maintenance by going over the wall.
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