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About NEC Signage + Architectural Products

About NEC Signage + Architectural Products

NEC Signage + Architectural Products is family owned and operated. The company has been involved in the manufacturing and servicing of signs since 1946.

Over the years, NEC has grown and developed to keep up with the changing needs of their clients. New techniques in architectural design, fabrication, maintenance, and materials are in constant focus to keep a commitment to excellence.

Sherman H. Hink, P.E. purchased NEC in 1972 from his father-in-law. In the almost 40 years since he purchased the company, he has expanded the business exponentially by adding new manufacturing capabilities and divisions. The first was the lighting maintenance division, the second was the manufacturing of standard and custom shelters and lastly in 2001, he began the interior graphics division.

Through the inclusion of these other divisions, NEC has become an all-inclusive sign manufacturer and specialty contractor.

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